Summer Loving

Dress? Vintage (exact one on Etsy here but mine had been chopped already when I got it) Shoes? DvF 
Big cuff? c/o Unikati (hereBelt? Vintage (it's falling apart but I will wear it until it falls off...)

This dress was the best find out of a pretty dismal vintage appointment a few months ago. But, on the bright side, I got this dress out of the whole ordeal and after a 3 day soak and some work on the hacked hem, she's a beaut to wear. 
I wore it out last weekend for a perfect summer night out with some friends. 
I'm a little confused on my feelings towards this summer. It has been a little cooler than usual this year and secretly (... well, not anymore) I like it because it's really great weather to landscape in and I have only had to turn on the AC twice at the shop. I also have some great coats and boots going in the shop for the upcoming season... But as much as I am pumped to merchandise for fall and to Instagram the ever loving crap out of autumn leaves, this dress reminds me of all that is great about summer nights...



Dress? Vintage costume Purse? c/o Jess Rizzuti  Jeans? old Zara Shoes? Nine West, thrifted

I could wear this everyday... if I didn't have stupid amounts of other fun clothes that would feel neglected. The dress is a vintage dance costume; the pin tucks in the bodice and fullness of the skirt made my day and pairing the dress with some worn out jeans just felt right...
I wore this out for dinner with Julie (also, her pregnancy announcement was kinda the best...). For old times sakes, we got outfit pics beforehand, struggling a bit with camera issues (iPhone pictures to the rescue...) but we got it done so we could carry on to get some Korean food. 
When Julie and I first started hanging out after meeting on the world wide web, we would meet more often for outfit pictures and dinner or drinks, but now I feel we are much more casual about hanging out. It's kinda nice when friendships move from being planned out beforehand to last minute invites and 'don't judge my house for it's mess but you should come by for a drink now'. Sometimes our hangouts even involve track pants... 
And I am not saying that is a bad thing. There's room for both ballerina dresses and track pants in my life...


Making a Statement

Pants? Trina Turk Shoes? Guess, thrifted Bag? Thrifted (Italian made, pumped about this find...) 
Necklace? Vintage (check out this oneGlasses? Jimmy Choo c/o ClearlyContacts

I wore this to the shop last Saturday. I went to bed Friday night and told Matt I was excited for the next day because I loved the outfit I had planned. Excited about my pink slacks but mostly excited about this stunner of a necklace. I bought the necklace for the shop, at least that is what I told myself (and anyone who would listen to my justifications...) but it may take a little detour at my house first. I'm just such a sucker for the quality and uniqueness of these eye catching necklaces assembled from vintage Czech crystals. Statement necklaces are going to come and go in popularity; one month we'll be loving dainty little charms and the next month we'll want bibs made of wooden beads carved into a zoo of animals (that actually sounds awesome, someone make me that!) but if you have a unique quality piece, you'll be thrilled to wear it whether or not it is 'on trend'.
Seriously, when I talk about purchasing vintage pieces, I sound/read like a an infomercial. I want to apologize for that, but it would be both insincere and so very Canadian... #sorrynotsorry #ilovevintage #ibarelytoleratehashtags #especiallywhenpeopleusethemonfacebook

Ok, done.


Polka Dotted

Dress? Vintage (similar in a new style here or here) Crinolin? get it here Pumps? Ralph Lauren 
Belt? Vintage Clutch? Vintage (similar on Etsy here)

This is a happy dress. I put a crinolin underneath (this is like the one I have) and that made the dress even happier. 
I wore these polka dots first to do a morning show segment on Morning Live about how to incorporate a little vintage into your wedding (it's here... sidenote, I really actually love doing these live segments even though I can't sleep very well the night before. Ha. Watching it back I wish I could have pointed at the items more directly but the whole display was jerry-rigged into place with a level and a piece of anti-slip (thank-you Matt...) and I was scared to touch anything in case I knocked the whole thing over. Though... that could have been funny.).
I also wore the dress to visit my Dad for his birthday. He's not really noticing these kind of details any more but I know if he wasn't sick, he would have just thought this dress was top notch. Things are so different now  in that whole situation but sometimes you just pretend everything is normal and put on a polka dot dress and eat cake. 
This dress is also a perfect match for the polka dots I have going on in my shop window right now. I'm trying to write an honest and balanced post about this retail journey I started last November and true to form it's taking me forever (pretty sure it took me less time to open the shop than to write about the shop...) but I can probably sum up the post now by saying that retail is awesome and terrible and exciting and very, very humbling. But one of my very favourite things to do, and where I like to direct my energy into when I can feel myself getting negative, is the window displays. I'm pretty sure I spend too much money on all the stupid things I put in there but it's fun for me and fun for people who pass by. Even if I am having the crappiest week I still want to project energy and enthusiasm from the shop. It's hard not to smile at polka dot lanterns in a shop window and it's hard not to smile when you are wearing a crinoline. Those are the facts of life.